Thursday 6/27: Day 3 Begins!

Got up this morning and ran 2 miles. It was great, but my calves are killing me. Breakfast was a nice reward, though. Croissants were available at the buffet today, and they were warm and soft and amazing. My only complaint is that the blueberry muffins that have become my favorite breakfast choice were not available. They’re just SO GOOD.

We’re about to leave for London again, and our first stop will be the Museum of London. I absolutely can’t wait. I will also be looking for some AA batteries for my camera during the day. Otherwise, I’ve been trying to conserve my money–haven’t spent any yet! (If I know you personally, beyond the bloggers’ microcosm, please email me with a gift request. I am not a very good shopper and will probably buy you something dumb without guidance.)

We also just received another sheet of events!


Be back later!


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