Wednesday 6/26: Getting in Bed Earlier Tonight!

First of all, I wanted to take this time to let my followers know that it would be totally okay–in fact, awesome— if you wanted to email me, maybe about your own experiences in London, misconceptions vs. realities, suggestions, recommendations, ideas for blog posts, things to look out for, stuff to eat, places to shop, gift ideas, cat videos, etc, etc, etc. I’d really like to open up the conversation and hear from you all. I mean, it’s really exciting to me that one person is reading this blog, let alone… more than one. So please feel free to talk to me about whatever: I’d love to hear from you!!!

In any case, unfortunately my blogging has been so excessive today that it seems I’ve run out of time to use the track, so I’m opting instead to get a little more sleep. I was really tired today.

So, can’t wait to run this in the morning!


Goodnight! (And to everyone back in Charlotte, have a good evening!)


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