Monday 6/24: Winding Down

Well, it’s been a great first day, better than I expected or could possibly have asked for.

After visiting Cobham–a quiet, pint-sized little town marked by umbral brick arches, petite inflorescent gardens tucked away behind ivy-cloaked walls, pink boutiques, salons, warm, oozy pull-aparts, and a sense of both urgency and affinity–I played a little piano and then ran about 4 miles, then had orientation and dinner (the “chips” here are delicious!) and then we ran a fire drill to familiarize ourselves with the exit routine. After that, we handed in our passports for safekeeping and received our room keys, and I went out to run 2 more miles. It was incredible. I haven’t felt that fire in my belly in months. There’s something about truly recognized independence that just seems to make running here a different experience. I almost feel like I’m in college, and I’m wondering what my life would be like if I did decide to study abroad after high school. I’m considering looking into scholarships, searching out opportunities to experience that travel fulfillment in that tier of my education.

Anyway, after returning to our room, Brandy and I immediately headed out to check out the campus on our own. We stumbled across a swing set across the primary field and talked a little about our colorful sports histories. When we returned to the dorm, everyone else was asleep.

Tomorrow, I’m waking up at 6:30 (1:30 Charlotte time) to write and maybe stretch some before I go running at 7. Breakfast spans from 7:30 to 8:15, and I plan to be there as soon as possible so that I can take a shower before the Geography Lab at 8:30. (Perk of my new haircut? I actually can totally immerse my head and dry it within a matter of seconds now.) There is an Economics/Finance Lab after that, and then lunch.

Excited to see what happens next. I’ll keep you posted.

(P.S. The Chicago gang still hasn’t arrived, but the Californians have! Their adjustment process is going to be grueling.)


3 thoughts on “Monday 6/24: Winding Down

  1. Traveling is fun-especially the first trip abroad Savor it! Peepaw PS watch out for those Californians. Ingesting the water out there produces weirdness. PSS Don’t they have lucious sticky buns over there! And great breakfasts too! Sent from my iPhone

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