The Royal Academy Summer exhibition – friends’ preview

Education, Music, Culture and Society

8th June 2013 – a sunny Saturday morning arrived. . . and I realised I was briefly, without child or husband.  Calls to friends yielded none – all were engaged, though Beth invited me to dinner tomorrow, and assured me that she wanted my views on the summer exhibition – I should go, really – if she hadn’t been going to visit an ailing aunt, she would have loved to come with me.  Encouraged,  I went.

This is for Beth.

London is in festive mood, on this one of the first weekends of sunshine in the Metropolis.  The Piccadilly line was refusing to take people to Heathrow (convoluted bus services from Uxbridge were on offer) as if to say – ‘Go on, stay another day – the summer exhibition is here at last – go to it’.  I was on my way.  The festive mood was emphasised by the banners…

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