Counting down to the flight!

4 days, 19 hours, 50 minutes, 7 seconds…


2 thoughts on “Counting down to the flight!

  1. Mackie, please see if you can rent the movie “A Man For All Seasons” before you begin your trip. It was made probably 1970ish, but its has beautiful photography and historically accurate scenes, such as royalty boating on the Thames. (It obviously beat a horse drawn coach on a rough muddy road). But the movie also raises eternal questions about politics, government, religion, etc. If you are able to watch the movie, please call me afterwards and we will talk about the issues presented. Peepaw

    • I’ve started watching it already actually! It’s really cool!!! I love seeing the interactions between classes. I’ll definitely call you when I finish–can’t wait to hear your perspective!

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