60 Photographs of Londoners: Part 1

Little London Observationist

Occasionally, street photographer John Kortland and I meet up for tea and a lunch break catch up. I realised when I saw him last week that it’s been ages since I last dug into the valuable resource that is the LLO Flickr pool. So today I give you a good old Londoners post followed by a part two next week and coming shortly also from the Flickr pool, we’ll have street art post and a few other interesting snippets of London life. Thanks to all the photographers who continue to contribute to the Flickr pool!

Careful Coiffure
Photo:Careful coiffure by John Kortland

Photo:Colourful by Steve Reed

stranger # 140
Photo:Kofi, a musician in the band Kofi and the Mandem on Great Chapel Street, Soho by stretch1000 London Faces

The i-Hide App
Photo:The i-Hide App by John Kortland

father's day
Photo:Father’s Day at The Red Lion Pub, Leytonstone by Jan Rockar

Extra Highlight

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