London Art Spot: Clementine Lovell

Little London Observationist

Clementine Lovell

We’re launching a new theatre tomorrow at CAPA International Education, where I work on Cromwell Road. I can’t tell you the name or the theme yet, but it will become one of London’s hidden gems. More on that later. Now, meet Clementine Lovell. She’s performing for our launch party with her company the Pop Up Opera. As you can probably gather from the photos here, she’s a lot of fun to be around and that carries through her performances. The Pop Up Opera isn’t your traditional stuffy opera performance. They use venues like caves, old boats and tunnels and get their audience in fits of giggles. They’re trying to make opera accessible for anyone. Below, I’ve talked to Clem about how they aim to reach a wider audience than your typical opera, how travel inspires her work and some of the quirkiest venues they’ve played.

L'elisir at Broome Farm photos courtesy of Bob AndersonPhoto: L’elisir…

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