Summer’s almost here!!!!

SO tomorrow is my last day of school!! AAAHH!!! It’s crazy, I feel like this year has just blown right by and the fact that I’m practically a senior is unbelievable. I still feel like the awkward little freshman I was three years ago, but I’m so excited to see where this next year takes me. Terrified, but so excited.

Anyway, absolutely can’t wait for Friday morning: Sleeping in, throwing on some non-dress code shorts, walking to Caribou, inhaling my first coffee in months (I’m thinking a caramel cooler?), cracking open some Peter Ackroyd, and getting down to business.

18 days guys!!!! (I know the suspense is killer for y’all but try and hang in there.)

Also, thanks to those who have just started following me recently! It means so much to me and I’ll try to make this blog worth your while. And please talk to me, comment on my stuff or whatever! I know I get my facts wrong all the time here so, at the very least, please correct me haha.

Well, have an amazing Thursday everybody!


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