Trinity Store Cafe…

^^This is the kind of cafe I hope to stumble upon on the trip, somewhere cozy and quiet where I can read or draw or something ((:

Vintage Reflection

IMG_0011IMG_9999image-5I’m rather lucky to have so many nice independent cafe’s near where I live. The Trinity Store is a little cafe and shop, where they sell delightfully yummy cakes and serve hot/cold drinks, you can also buy fine wines and nice foodie bits to take away. I went with my friend Kelly, she had a hot chocolate and a brownie, I had a BLT and a hot chocolate also. Then later we got a free brownie as I stopped a man from stealing a bottle of wine. He cheekily picked up the bottle of wine sat on the end of our table, pretended to head to the till then quickly turned around and headed out the door, with out paying!! I quickly notified the staff and they chase after him and retrieved the bottle of wine. I was glad I was able to help and that the cheeky bugger didn’t get away…

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