Queen Victoria escapes would-be assassin’s attack on Constitution Hill

Through The Archives

There was much shock in May 1849 across the United Kingdom and the British Empire at the news that there had been an attempt made on the life of Queen Victoria as her carriage passed along Constitution Hill in London by an unemployed and disgruntled Irishman named as William Hamilton.
Details of the attack on Queen Victoria were published in the News Letter in the paper’s edition of May 25, 1849 and declared in its opening lines: “We regret exceedingly being called on to announce that an idle miscreant raised his hand against the person of the Sovereign on Saturday evening as Her Majesty was returning from an afternoon through the parks.”
It was reported how Queen Victoria had left Buckingham Palace shortly after five o’clock in “an open carriage and four” to take a drive through the parks of the British capital. Her Majesty was accompanied in the carriage…

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