I absolutely love hearing about these other travel experiences, but it’s so weird. The UK still feels like another world, like it doesn’t even really exist. Winning this trip has felt kind of like hearing about Narnia or Hogwarts and then being invited to visit. I still wonder if it’s really happening. I still doubt this could actually be happening to me.

You Only Live Once.

London…what a city.

I have to say: when it comes to planes and flying, I am the biggest fraidy-cat on this planet, which I probably will never get over with. So I never thought there was a chance I’d ever come to London in my entire life. But lucky for me, my friend Kim told me that there was a train connection from my hometown over Brussels to St. Pancras, London, which was quite cheap if I booked early enough. Well, said and done, and last September it was finally there, the day I’d get out of Germany for the first time on my own (with 26 years, you have to know!). When I stepped foot on the St. Pancras Platform, it was like a dream coming true. I’ve never been one to say she loved London that much, as I never really like the british accent as much as…

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